Pescador Trawler: Charming motorsailer with a strong Mediterranean influence

lugtsobbe & co


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Provisions under the deck:
- 3 "fishermans" berths
- extra storage space under berths
- a cupboard (two levels/one shelf)
- 2 twelve Volts oriëntation lights

Back deck (teak)
Outboard balance rudder
Hinged tiller
Option: autohelm automatic steering
Large storage space with hatch
Size of this: 77 x 160 x 120 m3
Manual bilge pump

Tub (teak)
Two benches 32x225 (40 cm. high)
One bench 28 x 160 (40 cm.high)
Tank lid for tanks freshwater and fuel.
Shower connected to freshwater tank.
Dashboard for motor and general info about speed, depth, temperature and hour-counter.
Electrical bilge pump
Two hatches 66x32 cm. to open benches and storage spaces.
The cover on the engine that can be opened

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Teakdeck (2) between tub and mast
Size of the deck: 180 x 95 cm.
The deck is easy to walk on (flat) and has a hatch that hides the entrance below deck.
Size of the space under deck: 205x200x80cm
Size of the hatch: 90x75cm
Handrailings (p/s) next to hatch

Teak deck (3) frontdeck
Size of this deck: 200 x 130 cm
Locked anchor bin


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